Die-Cutting Machines A/A+P/AL

A machine for die-cutting labels in smaller quantities.



The image shows the machine with counter-pressure unit

Standard equipment includes 5 adjustable clamping arms and waste slitters with holders.

Once the material (square-cut sheets) is inserted and the protective plexiglass door is closed, the cutting stroke is activated – on model A by closing the protective door manually, on model A+P a push-button control closes the door pneumatically.
On model AL the cutting stroke starts when the electronic safety light barrier is activated.

Release of cutting stroke


by closing the protective door manually



by pneumatic push-button control



by safety light barrier


Model   A A+P AL
Max. die-cut size mm 180 x 180 180 x 180 180 x 180
Min. die-cut size mm 17 x 17 17 x 17 17 x 17
Max. stack height
(height of cutting die 60 mm)
mm 200 200 200
Die-cutting pressure kg 2.500 2.500 2.500
Die-cutting strokes max. p/min 11 13 15
Max. machine output
(feeding 1.000 sheets, label paper 80 gsm)
sheets/h 660.000 780.000 900.000
Weight kg 570 575 575

Cutting dies for individual shapes
are supplied by die makers.
See details in our brochure
Die-Cutting Machines.


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