Banding Machines

A wide range of machines offers banding from the smallest up to the highest volumes.

Table Banding Machine 26 I / II

The new generation of the versatile BUSCH table bander

Table Banding Machine TB 39-30/50

For a larger banding format.

Feed Bander ZFB 32/75

Banding with automatic feeding of product piles and rows of product piles, especially following guillotines or folding machines

Multiple Banding Machines
MB 54 / 74 / 104

The space-saving Multiple Banding Machine for banding higher volumes of square-cut labels or similar products - also applicable for mixed sheets.


How it works (5420 kB)

Feed Bander ZFB 32 inline

Automatic banding of print products in direct connection of machines with delivery of product piles

Banding material

For our complete range of banding machines we offer first-class banding material -
made-up in Germany and delivered ex stock at attractive graduated prices.

  • Small and large reels for Table Banding Machine TB
  • Large reels for Feed Bander ZFB
  • Large reels for Multiple Banding Machine MB
More information can be found here.


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