Die-Cutting Machines

For die-cutting outline shapes of labels, inmould labels, brochures, credit and service cards, plastic stickers, children's booklets, note pads (also with a sloping edge) and similar articles.

A label, a brochure or a similar product with a shape, an outer contour, multiplies the effect on sales.

What counts is versatility and flexibility. Our model range guarantees both.

A / A+P / AL

A machine for die-cutting labels in smaller quantities.

B / B + P

This model offers a larger maximum die-cut size and much greater punching power.


The powerful die-cutters for larger formats and high productivity -
equipped with light barriers releasing the cutting stroke.


For die-cutting large formats up to 330 x 380 mm.

How it works - The die-cutting process
Die-cutting with counter-pressure
Counter-pressure is recommended ...

How it works ?

Die-Cutting Machine model AL (YouTube Video)

Die-Cutting Machine model BL (YouTube Video)

Die setup model BL (YouTube Video)


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