Table Banding Machine TB 39

A new model - designed for larger banding formats.

The machine has a larger format compared to series TB 26 and is equipped with a closed tape guide.


Banding material is either coated kraft paper tape (white or brown) or transparent polypropylene foil tape. Both machine models for 30 or 50 mm tape width are equipped with a digital display, error message and electronic temperature control. Adjustable position stops are offered as an option.

Machines can be operated by:

  • single stroke release by press-button
  • single stroke release by foot pedal
  • automatic sensor release

For high volume production a movable Large Reel Stand is offered for reels with 800 m kraft paper tape or 1200 m foil tape. The stand height is easily adjustabe by means of a gas pressure spring. The band feeding is controlled by sensor detection.

Table Banding Machine TB 39-30 TB 39-50
Banding material coated kraft paper,
polypropylene foil (PP)
coated kraft paper,
polypropylene foil (PP)
Tape widths 30 mm 50 mm
Reel length - kraft paper/foil 150 / 200 m 150 / 200 m
Machine output strokes/min 16 - 20 16 - 20
Max. measurements of products to be banded :
- Length
- Width
- Height
no limit
390 mm
200 mm
no limit
390 mm
200 mm
Machine measurements (length x width x height) 600 x 390 x 510 mm 600 x 450 x 510 mm
Weight 33 kg 35 kg

Large Reel Stand for TB 39-30 and TB 39-50
Max reel diameter 400 mm
Inside diameter of reel core 50 mm
Reel length - kraft paper 800 m / reel
Reel length - PP-foil 1200 m / reel
Tape widths 20, 30, 40, 50 mm
Measurements: (length x width x height) 788 x 567 x 663-932 mm
Weight 39 kg

(also for use with TB 26 I/II)

Banding material

  • Suitable banding material for our BUSCH Banding Machines in top quality and different versions available ex stock.
  • More information can be found here.


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