SWH 125 Logistic

SPEEDTURNER® - powerful and efficient -

  • for loading and unloading from the front, as well as from the narrow side
  • for turning, airing, aligning and jogging
  • for transferring piles from paper mill/machine pallets on to system pallet
  • for centering the pile on a system pallet
  • either with loading ramps or for embedding in the floor


Version E (access at ground level, without ramps)

Version F (with ramps)

Model   SWH 125 RLA (200) Logistic
Max. sheet size mm 800 x 1200
Max. pile height mm 2000
Min. pile height mm 920
Platform width mm 1250
Platform depth mm 900
Carrying power kg 1200

with enlarged opening width (2000 mm) for higher piles, safety light barriers, manually slewable aligning gauge (adjustable), pressure control flaps, airing with a second blower for increased airing power, tilting (15°), slewable control desk, adjustable jogging, electrical air volume regulation and adjustable air nozzle speed, centering device.



catwalk, ionised air


Available also for larger sheet sizes.


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