How it works

The Die-Cutting Process

  1. Outline shapes of products of all types
  2. Processing method
  3. Die-cutting in a two-up system
  4. Die-cutting with counter-pressure -
    see product information 'Die-cutting with counter-pressure'
  5. Banding of die-cut products -
    see product information 'Banding of die-cut products'
  6. Material and types of die-cutting

What material can be die-cut?

Paper, board and other related material, different plastics and plastic laminates, PP- or PE-foil, self-adhesive foil, tempered and varnished aluminium foil, etc.

Types of die-cutting

Full-cut of complete outer contour, corner cut, corner rounding, one and two-sided cut, three-sided cut of brochures, passports, children's booklets, two-up cut of small-sized products, die-cutting in a two-up system, four-sided cut of folded quires.





Further detailed information is given on the different model pages on this website.


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