Banding Machines

A wide range of machines offers banding from the smallest up to the highest volumes.

Table Banding Machine
TB 24 and 26 I/II

The thousands of machines sold worldwide mark the success of the versatile table bander.

Table Banding Machine TB 39-30/50

For a larger banding format.

Feed Bander ZFB

Banding with automatic feeding of product piles of all types - for example behind folding machines or as inline version in connection with gang stitchers with three-knife trimmer and stacker

Multiple Banding Machines
MB 54 / 74 / 104

The space-saving Multiple Banding Machine for banding higher volumes of square-cut labels or similar products - also applicable for mixed sheets.


How it works (5420 kB)

Banding material

For our complete range of banding machines we offer first-class banding material -
made-up in Germany and delivered ex stock at attractive graduated prices.

  • Small and large reels for Table Banding Machine TB
  • Large reels for Feed Bander ZFB
  • Large reels for Multiple Banding Machine MB
More information can be found here.


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